The House of the Broken Axe
was founded with archery in mind. The merry adventure that lead to our beginning makes for an interesting read, and is available in the History section of our site.

As the years progressed, our knack for merrymaking attracted members from all martial & art backgrounds, making us a well rounded group.

The Ile of the Sleeping Dragon is where we call home, we can also be found at our Northern Keep, where we hone our skills and fend off invaders from the North.

Look for our banner, and join us for some fun!

Broken Axe Arrow Co.
Come one come all!!! Come and see what we have for you!
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Feb 2007 - Gaia Angelus joins Broken Axe.

Jan 2007 - Lord Tiberius Tarius Britannicus joins Broken Axe.

April 06 - Lord Angall & Lord Ragi Join House Sable Dawn.


Recently some of us have been busy in the workshop hacking away at The Tree making bows. My first stave is almost at completion and has performed remarkably well. Ragi is working on his second from The Tree. Photos of The Tree can be found here.

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